Do you give free estimates                                                                                                                                                                                      

Yes. All estimates are done in writing and free of charge.

Do you give estimates over the phone?

No. There is no way for us to give a fair estimate either to you or to us over the phone without having seen the work that needs to be done.

Will you cover my furniture?

Yes. Furniture will be covered by lightweight plastic sheeting, and floors with drop cloths.

Will You move my furniture?

Most of the time, Yes. A Stroke of Genius will move and put back any furniture provided it can be moved without damaging your furniture, your home, or ourselves at our discretion. Most of the time this will be discussed with you beforehand.

Will you take down our fragile pieces   (knick-knacks,glasses etc)?

We are very sorry but, No. A Stroke of Genius will not be responsible for any breakables left out by the homeowner. Likewise with valuables, please put everything away, we do not want to take any chance of anything getting lost or broken.

 Also. A Stroke of Genius does not move clutter, Moving stacks of magazines,books,newspapers,piles of clothes,toys,garbage, etc are the responsibility of the home owner, or the home owners personal housekeeper.

Will you take down and put back my window treatments?

Yes. Whenever possible and where applicable we will take down and put your window treatments back up.

Are you insured?

Yes. A Stroke of Genius Painting & Wallpapering is a licensed NJ Home Improvement contractor. Our "State of New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor License" number is #13VH02368000. To be licensed in the state of New Jersey ALL home improvement contractors MUST be insured.

Can you help me pick out colors?

Yes. While the ultimate decision on color selection is yours, A Stroke of Genius can and will help to guide you in the right direction if asked free of charge for our customers.

Why is this other contractor's estimate so much cheaper then yours?

A Stroke of Genius Painting & Wallpapering strives to provide you with the best bang for your buck. When comparing prices. Make sure your comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges. Is the scope of the work the same? One coat or two?,What about the quality of the materials being proposed? A Stroke of Genius takes pride in honest, fair, and moderate pricing. We also prefer to use "quality" materials that you typically won't find at your local big chain home improvement stores.  If you get much lower pricing, remember there is a reason for the old saying of "You get what you pay for!"  Cheaper paint is exactly that. 

Finally, Is that other contractor licensed and insured?  This is important for your protection. Many home owners do not realize that when they hire unlicensed contractors. That not only are these contractors operating illegally. But the home owner is then liable for not only any damages that occur. But also should anyone get hurt or worse. That very cheap home improvement project can very rapidly turn into very expensive legal bills

Unlicensed, contractors are typically also uninsured. And as such can often afford to offer much lower prices then a legally licensed contractor. The question you the home owner needs to ask yourself is. To get that cheap price. Is your home worth the risk?

A Stroke of Genius will never change the pricing on an estimate without the customer changing the scope of the job. In fact, very often the final price comes in at lower then the estimated price. The only exception to that would be in the choice of certain colors, such as red or bright yellow for example,These colors cover very poorly and require more work and material or the rare unforeseen circumstances. And you never pay in full until the job is complete.

We prefer to see to it that any surprises you have are PLEASANT ones.


A Stroke of Genius Painting & Wallpapering contractor Kendall Park South Brunswick NJ 08824 

N.J Home Improvement Contractor License# 13VH02368000

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